Examples of Lightning Strike

The internet’s big issue has been a transmission of data in a fast possible manner. Image intensive Web pages might turn out to be frustrating at times since not every individual cruise the Web at high speeds in place. But then you should know that the web is required to be all about the exciting graphic content and images that have been designed to attract your page viewers. Interesting images is what any page viewer needs when going through a certain web page, so there is a need for the right procedures to be undertaken for the results to come by. So, can web developers make it reconcile the need for significant graphics with the limited bandwidth?

There should be image compression

There exist possible compressions with JPEG and GIP formats. But then, greater compression works using JPEG will actually somehow bring out unpleasant visual effects. So what do we mean by this? There is a need to think of another way to make the visual effects on whatever size of compression works you will be doing. With the invention of the new technology of Lightning Strike, everything is possible as it is based upon wavelets that come out with highly compressed images that will not at all offend the eyes of the viewer.

With this new engine in place, all graphics can be created any Web page requires without necessarily having slower connections at your particular site. Actually, you are assured of confidence in your entire Web page since the new technology software decomposer is in place as a Netscape plugin, as a Java applet, and as an ActiveX(TM) component. Web viewers should now not get worried as the Lightning Strike is the technology in place to enhance the right results ever all through. 

Examples of Lightning Strike

The following are the must-do things if an individual needs to view Lightning Strike 3.0 images with either Internet Explorer/Netscape browser.

  • You have to first the plugin for Lightning Strike
  • Thereafter followed by saving the plugin installer in your suitable browser plugin folder and thereafter run the installer
  • Finish by bookmarking the page and then restart the Web browser. 

For an individual to view Iterated Systems images, there is a need to download the plugin. As a recommendation, there is a need you run two different browser windows in a side by side manner of comparison to help you in evaluations. Follow by stacking Lightning Strike 2.6 up against Iterated Systems or JPEG and you will note its advantage. 

Thumbnails of Split Image 

There is compression of original images using Lightning Strike and JPEG to the same file size set side by side mainly for comparison and later saved as GIF images to be displayed on the Web. To view the full-size comparison, you should click on the thumbnails at the bottom. The ratios of compression are shown right next to respective thumbnail with Lightning Strike on the right-hand side and JPEG on the left.

We use Infinitron’s Lightning Strike 2.6 can compress common image formats. It provides a new file extension (.COD) for compressed images, and you can view images using any browser with the corresponding Lightning Strike Netscape plugin or ActiveX control.

According to Infineon, Lightning Strike offers higher compression ratios, smaller image files, faster transfer speeds, and higher image quality. We were able to reduce the JPEG image to one-fifth of the original size, greatly speeding up the Internet download speed. Lightning Strike images look richer, more powerful, and show less pixelation than uncompressed JPEGs.