Company Information

In our writing today, we are going to talk more about Wavelet-Based Compression solutions. Infinop, Inc. is a company dedicated to active research and development in different data compression fields. Lightning Strike decompression and compression software exist on Mac PPC, Windows 3.1/95/NT, and other UNIX platforms. To add to this, this technology has been greatly extended its routes to different web browsers, ActiveX applications, and Java.

In case you are interested to create a discussion on a particular application for the Lightning Strike technology then you should hesitate to contact us by phone at (817) 484-1165 or through emailing us. Everything is welcomed right from inquiries regarding different medical compression and binary images, video streams, and text files. The Lightning Strike technology is available for license as 32 or 16-bit SDKs.

Wavelet-based Lightning Strike decompression software has been provided as an ActiveXa control. When used with the Microsoft® Internet Explorer web browser, the Lightning Strike component provides high quality, highly compressed images on the web.

The Lightning Strike ActiveX control will be included in all retail versions of the Internet Explorer Starter Kit. In addition, the Lightning Strike ActiveX control will be part of the Internet Explorer Starter Kit included in the new retail version of the Microsoft Windows® 95 operating system.